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A couple of weeks ago, the rapper with the stage name indigo, who until now was better known as film and theater actor Igors Shelegovskis, showed his debut single “Klīstųs holandietis” to the wider public on music streaming services. Already at that time he “threatened” that the debut album would be released in August, and – here it is! Complete with second single ‘Strange Shape of Freedom’. The release of the album will also be celebrated at its opening concert – on September 7 in “Noas”.

Igors Shelegovskis, who goes by the stage name indigo in the hip-hop genre, has been writing songs since he was a teenager, but until now he had only shared them with a limited audience. Well, this circle has expanded considerably, and anyone can listen to a total of 14 compositions (including three skits). The creation and recording of the album began in Riga, in the bedroom of Aivars Shaicanas, and the musical design was created there, but the work was completed in the “Lonexone” studio.

Amanda Greenberg, who also participated in the development of the concept and musical design of the album, can also be heard in several songs.

The album was mixed by Aivars Šaicāns, mastered by Sergejs Laletins, producer Sebastians Macats also helped to find the sound for several songs. Krišjānis Botmanis and Gundega Zvēra also participated in the recording, who can be heard in skits. As for the content orientation, the album is mostly about the search for personal balance, about the dual nature of man. “Making music for me is not a new hobby, an experiment or a search for myself in a new art form: I grew up with hip-hop music, it’s my identity and the way I can express myself best, so this album is especially personal to me because it’s 100% me me,” emphasizes Igor Šelegovskis, aka indigo.

PAR. Peculiar performance style, quite good lyrics. “What did Coj say there? While smoking, everything is not so “ploh” (from the song “The Wandering Dutchman”)”. Something about being on the street, something about the district, something a little more valuable and memorable. The most recommended pieces are those with the participation of Amanda Greenberg (there are four in total, the first number of which can be “Colorist” or “Strange form of freedom”), who gives the event the right moods and colors, but you can also appreciate such compositions as “District Traitor ” and/or “It Could’ve Been Me” in which indigo deals with himself.

AGAINST. If someone thinks that anyone can rap – even those who have absolutely nothing to sing and who have been bitten by the bear, then this is not the case at all, and indigo is a vivid example of this. The most, the most vivid of his vivid examples is the closing composition of the album, “Kā kuru svandu”, but there are a number of other nominations of this kind. With the current abundance of Latvian rap, this work can hardly claim anything higher than the third league, to be more precise – the amateur championship.

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