Review: Hoka Rocket X 2 Running Shoe with PEBA Midsole

The first Hoka Rocket X debuted in late 2020, and in early 2023 it’s time for the new top-of-the-line running shoe, the Hoka Rocket X 2. And also using the PEBA midsole. What will this running shoe look like? Let’s follow the review.

New synthetic mesh upper

The upper part has been modified to use a lightweight Technical synthetic mesh synthetic mesh fabric that is lightweight, does not absorb water, dries quickly, is tough and strong, whose fibers are translucent. You can see through the socks. with various structure lines that grows around the shoe And the most obvious is the middle of the foot. These structural lines will come to support our feet as well. The heel has no heel counter support at all, which is no surprise as this running shoe was built for racing and speed.

The tongue also comes in a lightweight design. And the tip of the shoe’s tongue is concave to fit the shin. Around the ankle is a soft microfiber fabric that doesn’t cut the foot and inside there is a long row of sponge padding under the ankle. It will help lock and tighten the feet. not to fall off while running

In the middle of the foot there is a HOKA logo with a bird icon placed on either side of the outside foot. Each side has a different color gradation. Makes the shoes look dimensional and beautiful in another way. In addition, the colors of this running shoe are also very beautiful.

PEBAX midsole

And now it’s time for PEBA, which is a material that many Popular brands use it for their own midsole. Of course, PEBA has obvious properties: light, soft and has good energy return. Comes in the form of a full-length foot, 2 layers inserted in the middle with a full-length carbon plate. Visible from under your feet And, of course, in a very curved Meta Rocker shape. Emotion flows forward according to the tilt and footwork.

5 mm drop, straight sole, 36 mm heel height, 31 mm toe height, thicker soles than the first model (heel height 30, toe 25 mm), weight 226 grams in size 10US, thicker soles and weight slightly lighter considered interesting

Outer floor

The outsole is zoned and used sparingly (Zonal Rubber Placement) to cut off unnecessary weight. Make the shoes as light as possible. and also provides good grip along with being durable in use

Rocket X 2 performance and feel

As for the size, it’s quite a crack with this running shoe. Because the new synthetic mesh upper is less stretchy and very snug. Causing some people who wear normal Hoka running shoes to fit when wearing these running shoes will feel very tight. Including the paws are slender and slightly firm. But personally, I still wear the right size, with the first Rocket X wearing 10US, the second model also wearing 10US, but will feel more firm. and get lightness to replace

And with the structure of the shoe that has a lot in the middle of the foot It will help hug and tighten the middle of the foot well. The tighter the rope is, the more secure it will be. As for the heel, although there is no Heel Conter, but the back seam is still enough to give some strength, not easy to fall off, and there is still room for people with protruding heels. The side of the shoelace can be tied up in one go and take care of it. The rope is flat and well threaded so it doesn’t move easily. Considered to be well designed.

When running, you can clearly feel the softness and bounce of PEBA foam. And getting a spoon-shaped carbon fiber plate will help increase stability when landing. Including the rhythm of the foot that flows along the Meta-Rocker arch shape, the foam will not lose shape or deform. It allows us to flow forward faster and the carbon plate also adds extra thrust. Makes it possible to do very well. And its curved shape allows it to flow forward smoothly. And when exerting pressure to make speed, it can accelerate as you wish. It is considered a strong shoe as well.

Having said that, the change to the new midsole and the curved forefoot with the carbon plate like this make it more economical to run as well. exert the same strength but get more speed adhesion part considered to be doing well and also durable for longer use

Hoka Rocket X 2 review summary, is it any good? Who is it suitable for?

Rocket X 2 is considered to be improved better than before clearly. lightweight upper and concise The midsole is soft and offers good energy return. Responsive, Meta-Rocker curved forefoot allows for faster forward flow. Just by leaning forward, you can immediately flow forward. Can be worn to run slowly but may not be very fun Because these running shoes are better suited to speed. It also saves energy. When using the same running force, but running faster Makes it able to speed well on race day It’s ideal for those who are already strong and want a shoe that’s soft, bouncy and speedy for race day. For anyone who wants to be faster, it can be considered that it can be worn. And don’t forget to train your muscles and strength in different parts as well.

Anyone interested can visit the HOKA Experience Store Central World 3rd floor, HOKA Experience Store Mega Bangna 2nd floor, HOKA Experience Store Emporium 2nd floor REV RUNNR, online store. and official dealers, price 8,990 baht

shoe information

  • Technical synthetic mesh
  • PROFLY Construction Midsole: Two-layer PEBA foam with spoon-shaped carbon fiber plate (Spoon-shaped carbonfiberplate)
  • Rubber outsole laid in a zone pattern.
  • Drop 5 mm. Heel height 36 mm. Toe height 31 mm.
  • Weight 226 grams in size 10 US
  • Price 8,990 baht


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