Review: Evil Genius 2: World Domination / Xbox Aktuell

After 17 years, the developer Rebellion has donated a second part to “Evil Genius” and in “Evil Genius 2: World Domination” we are allowed to seize power as the top villain, build our secret base and set up criminal networks in countries. Right from the start you can see the many references to films like “James Bond 007” or “Austin Powers” and that runs through the entire game. But before we start, we can choose one of the four villains and then it starts. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages and these can change the game somewhat.

“Evil Genius 2” is a classic building game with an economic component. We move into an abandoned casino on a small island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and start expanding our base. The henchmen do the dirty work, build rooms, technical aids and more. At the beginning you are slowly introduced to the game by means of a tutorial and individual side tasks and you get a good impression of the game, the scope and the complexity. Of course, it doesn’t get any easier afterwards, but rather more difficult.

Little by little we are getting new premises and thus opportunities to train units, research or concoct illegal plans. Overall, the base can be built on four levels, although we will only unlock them one by one. And here, too, it should be said that you should not randomly place your rooms on one level. The safe and the prison are in good hands in the basement and the operations center is on the top floor. Again and again, adversaries invade our base and have to be successfully fended off. Tactical placement of the rooms pays off. Once you have fully expanded your base, you can occasionally lose track of things, especially since a lot is going on.

In “World Domination” we of course also need money to pay the henchmen and to pursue our sinister plans. Here we can fulfill orders, large and small, and even concoct plans all over the world. We set up criminal networks all over the world and send out our henchmen. Unfortunately, this repeats itself over and over again, which becomes a bit annoying over time, as it brings the most money. The more often you cause unrest in a country, the faster they send people to make life difficult for us. Here we have to counter and defend with the right personnel and safety devices.

In general, the title plays relatively well on the console, although you can tell that the controls are designed for mouse and keyboard. Especially the sometimes very many clicks through the menu to build or select certain things can be a bit tedious. Nonetheless, the game looks really good on Xbox. Overall, the scope is really good and with just under 20 hours of play time you should have achieved world domination.

Technically, “Evil Genius 2: World Domination” is really sublime and through the zoom you get really close to the action and see how detailed the game world actually is. No matter how busy the screen is, the game runs smoothly and without any problems. And in general, the very nice style should be emphasized, which comes with a nice comic look, but really goes well with the game.



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