REVIEW: Chris Noah “Red Light”

One of the biggest news last week (there were at least three of them) in front of albums released by Latvian musicians: the mini-album released by singer and songwriter Kriss Noa or Chris Noah (real name Krists Indrishonoks) under the auspices of Sony Music Finland & Baltics. It contains six tracks produced by Chris with his longtime collaborator Christopher Harris. True, only four are completely new: “Only Yours” and “Sunboy” have already played enough time on radio stations, and the latter also so much that in concerts they sing together in halls full of listeners, not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia.

“While I was working on the mini album, I tried to be honest with myself, to see things as they really are,” says Chris. “I realized for the first time that ‘not feeling love’ isn’t just a made-up concept or an excuse to get out of a relationship you don’t want to be in anymore. This awareness was at the heart of my writing process, which I approached from different angles: uncertainty, doubt, jealousy and regret. The title track ‘Red Light’ is about disillusionment “.

A little from the editors. “Kriss Noa is one of the most interesting newcomers to Latvian music, who has gained recognition for her velvety voice, personal lyrics and powerful melodies. Despite coming from a family of musicians (Krista’s father is the well-known musician Valdis Indrishonoks – author), was not too interested in music until the age of 17. He started working on the material with his brother. His first single “Had It All” became an instant hit in Latvia, while his second single “You” received the award of the Latvian Authors’ Association, the most listened to song on radio in 2017. With subsequent self-released singles “River” and “Fall Through” in 2018, Kriss has received accolades from various blogs (named after of a series of mostly silent releases in Latvia – aut.). In 2020, Kriss released her debut mini-album “Distance”, which received a nomination for best pop music album in 2021 at the Latvian Music Recor ding Annual Award “Zelta Mikrofons” (so he was simply nominated-author). “

It should also be added that at the end of 2021 Chris signed a contract with the record company “Sony Music Finland”.

PAR. When you listen to Chris Noah’s records, it sounds boring, but just listening to this musician’s program “live” to change your perspective. Of course, great credit goes to the accompanying lineup in the form of guitarist Kaspars Vizulis, bassist Diž Bardovskis (or Diž Bardo), keyboardist and saxophonist Mārčas Jukumsons-Jukumnieks and drummer Rudolf Daniļevičs, but the songs themselves also sound much more lively and more exciting.

Everything is clear about “Sunboy” – although it is difficult to understand the phenomenon of this song, it won the hearts of many listeners. The success of “Only Yours” is also not known from the finger. As the upcoming singles for radio stations, “Someday” (a great song!) And even “Lay It All Out” can be offered with confidence, neither will be a hit for the milk. Chris has a memorable vocal timbre, but his compositions sometimes sound like 21st century “The Police” in the English version of a Latvian musician – not bad, not bad!

VERSUS. It is difficult to understand these goals of the release of Chris Noah’s mini-albums: one EP with several tracks already heard before its release two years ago, the other with two of the six possible songs heard now, it would not have been better to release a real one. own full album once and for all? Let’s say no.

Of those six songs, only “I’m No Good At Goodbyes” doesn’t appeal at all, which should be a great indicator, but there’s another pain. “Look, what does this Chris Noah remind me of? Can’t figure out which of the British musicians ?! ” – “All!” this was the result of the reviewer’s discussion with a colleague at the album presentation event.

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