Revelation Mobile is coming to Southeast Asia soon

Jakarta (ANTARA) – VNG Games has officially announced the release game open world MMORPG; Revelaltion Mobile, in six Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Revelation Mobile comes with a number of interesting features in terms of graphics and game. With crisp graphics quality and accuracy in every detail, Revelation Mobile can confidently beat the crowd player which is quite demanding on graphics from first impressions.

From expansive ocean views to vibrant lands, game quickly unites players in a fantasy world, as well as enhances the player experience with Revelation Mobile.

“The multiplayer factor (MMO) is an important part of social networking platforms. However, in the context of social networking platforms that have become increasingly diverse in recent years, the MMO RPG genre has undergone changes from the community side because gamers they have a desire to get more and different experiences from the product game same genre 5-10 years ago,” the Revelation Mobile development team wrote in a statement on Friday.

In addition to maximizing the MMO part, Revelation Mobile also expands on the elements Role playing game (RPG) adding character customization and other latest features, which players will be able to fully enjoy later, he said.

With realistic and detailed character customization and facial arrangement, Revelation Mobile players can create characters that are as close to themselves or the person they want as possible. Exclusive features player present to express themselves as freely as possible.

For this reason, Revelation Mobile comes with the message “It’s your world – Live it your way”, which is displayed very strongly through the constant creativity of the gaming community from six countries.

The colorful and expansive world of Revelation Mobile will eventually be decorated by the players themselves. You are one too player who likes adventure or you are one player those who want to be the most reliable fighters in the arena, or just those who want to enjoy freedom, can make it happen in Revelation Mobile.

It is remarkable that Revelation Mobile offers its players the opportunity to find the “right” game based on their individual preferences.

Not only that, Revelation Mobile also brings a PVP system between countries, where players from six Southeast Asian countries can battle against each other and get an opportunity to represent their country in achieving glory and fulfill the dream of becoming a hero.

Recently, VNG Games held an event where gamers from all walks of life were invited to experience playing Revelation Mobile first.

VNG games like publisher said, “We hope Revelation Mobile will introduce players to a new style of MMORPG gameplay. In an effort to restore the authenticity of MMORPGs, which is really about playing a role in a world they like and being who they want to be in a fantasy world with no limits.”

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