Revel. Four work medalists at Fontes

At the end of the morning, Monday January 11, the employees of the Fontes companies gathered on the site (outside despite the winter freshness, to meet the requirements of health standards) and four of them were awarded long service medals. before sharing the traditional galette des rois.

On this year’s prize list, Teraivetea Teipoarii and Martine Deforge thus obtained a silver medal, rewarding twenty years of presence within the company, Patrick Bernard for his part received a gold medal coming to salute thirty years work, and finally, Jean-Michel Boulade was awarded the Grand Or medal, a rare distinction awarded to employees who have worked for 40 years.

Élisabeth Foulatier, director of the site, took advantage of the gathering to take stock of the company’s health with employees, highlighting the promising outlook for the order book for the coming year: “full until November”.

95% of production for export

She also recalled “the recognition of the know-how of the company internationally” since nearly 95% of the production is exported, Fontes being recognized as being in the top 3 of the world industrialists for the manufacture of refractory bricks. The Revéloise plant is an exception in the secondary sector, strongly impacted by the health crisis, but it also relies on modernizing and optimizing its production resources to face an increasingly competitive market. It remains to be hoped that the long careers of the company’s employees continue to serve the excellence of production.

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