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Revealing the Mystery of the Loss of Climbers on Mount Guntur, Found Barely Near the Spring of Water Page all

- – a climber Guntur Mountain named Afrizal (16), a resident of the District of Cilawu, Arrowroot, West Java, mysteriously lost since Saturday (07/04/2020) while climbing together with four of his friends.

Afrizal disappeared while sleeping in the tent. Before disappearing, the victim along with four of his friends had stayed up late until 2 o’clock in the morning.

However, when one of his colleagues got up at 5 am, Afrizal was not in the tent.

The victim was found on Sunday (5/7/2020) at around 09.00 WIB in the vicinity of a spring source known as Cikole, quite far from the initial location where the victim set up a tent.

He was found drowned and only wearing underwear by a resident who was also a caretaker named Entis Sutisna (60).

“The victim said, he did not know why he was there, he only remembered sleeping in a tent with his friend,” Entis said.

Entis said, the victim was found when he called his name.

“I apologize, give up on everything. How about Allah, after that I screamed the victim’s name and thank God there was an answer,” he said.

Entis Entis, a similar event had happened 10 years ago.

“10 years ago such an incident happened, I met after 4 days, the same condition when I was found naked,” he said.

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Hike since Friday afternoon

BETWEEN PHOTOS / Hendra Nurdiyansyah illustration of a walking climber

Before being declared missing, the victim along with four of his colleagues climbed Mount Guntur since Friday (3/7/2020) afternoon.

This was revealed by the Head of Tarogong Iptu Masrokan.

“Friday night, they opened a tent and stayed at the three-lane climbing post. In the morning, the victim was not in the tent,” explained Masrokan, Sunday (07/07/2020).

After arriving at the post 3 they opened the tent, and in the evening they stayed up late at 02.00 WIB.

However, when one of his colleagues got up at 5 am, Afrizal was not in the tent. Then the four fellow victims waited for him at post 3 until noon.

“They had waited for the victim until around 11 noon, after that the four friends decided to go down to post 1 and wait at post 1,” he said.

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Report to the victim’s family

Family illustrationshutterstock Family illustration

Because the victim did not come, his colleague also decided to go home and report it to his parents.

Then, the victim’s family immediately did a search up to post one but did not also find the victim.

“The search effort that night was stopped, the victim’s family was picked up at post one and the search continued today,” he explained.

On Sunday, a joint team from Basarnas, TNI-Polri, BPBD and surrounding communities made a search effort until finally a victim was found by a resident near a spring.

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Immediately sent home

Illustration of house.Doc. Ministry of PUPR Illustration of house.

After being found, the victim was immediately brought to his home by using a car owned by residents.

“We coordinated with the Cilawu Koramil to check the victims at his house, but it turned out that he was already at home,” said Tarogong Koramil Commander Captain Ing Dedi Saefulloh.

Dedi said, the victim was found around 9:00 in the morning by residents who were daily guarding the vehicle parking lot at the initial climbing post of Mount Guntur in Kampung Citiis.

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(Author: Garut Contributor, Ari Maulana Coral | Editors: Aprillia Ika, Robertus Belarminus)


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