Revealed! This is Chelsea’s Weakness


West Bromwich Albion surprisingly capable of slaughter Chelsea 5-2. The manager, Sam Allardyce reveal the weakness of the Blues.

Chelsea host West Bromwich Albion in week 30 Premier League at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (3/4/2021) .Chelsea took the lead through Christian Pulisic.

Unfortunately, the Blues’ nightmare occurred after Thiago Silva’s red card when the game entered the 30th minute. West Bromwich Albion were able to turn things around before halftime to 2-1.

In the second half, West Bromwich Albion more violent by scoring three additional goals and Chelsea can only reply once. Final score, 5-2 for West Bromwich Albion victory.

Chelsea defeated West Bromwich Albion (Clive Rose / Getty Images)

This result is quite unexpected. Because the previous 14 games, Chelsea which Thomas Tuchel commanded was invincible.

Of the last 10 matches in the Premier League, the Blues have conceded only two times. Chelsea are so strong in defense, good transitions, and anyone can score goals.

West Bromwich Albion manager, Sam Allardyce asked what the secret move to beat Chelsea? He replied, hit the defensive line!

“Letting them play from behind starting from the goalkeeper was a mistake,” he told talkSport.

“So, we pressed them including the two wingers,” he added.

No doubt, Thiago Silva’s second yellow card was due Chelsea too long playing in the back. Then the second goal West Brom also from the mistake of the Blues who took too long to flow the ball forward.

“Their goalkeeper is also moving forward to play the ball. It was reckless for him,” added Sam Allardyce.

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“We are satisfied to beat a better team than us,” he concluded.

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