Revealed, This Iron Function More Under Footstep Motor Type Sport


Yamaha YZF-R25 . standard footstep – Now it is clear, this is the function of the extra iron protrusion or jalu on the footrest or footstep front of the motor sport type.

These iron protrusions or nets are usually found on the footstep motor sport type that can also be bent and folded when needed.

Although it looks trivial, the iron protrusion in footstep This serves as a safety device, especially when the motor is used to maneuver.

“Its function can be a marker for the rider when the motorbike is used” cornering. If the iron has been in contact with the asphalt, it means that the motor has reached the slope limit,” said Adih, Service Advisor for Yamaha Mekar Motor Bintaro, South Jakarta.

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The short length of the footstep path of each motor can also be different, depending on the specifications and type of the motor.

When the footstep rubs against the road surface, it can be indicated by the sound of iron scraping when the motor is cornering.

Illustration of a sport type motorbike being used for cornering maneuvers

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Illustration of a sport type motorbike being used for cornering maneuvers

Well, of course, if you force the motor to be tilted more than that limit, the risk can fall.

“With the path, the footstep is even safer from the risk of rubbing against the asphalt,” he concluded.

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