Revealed! Ricky Leaks Jessica’s Identity to Al, Irvan Surrender Doesn’t Hurt Rendy: The Bond of Love Tonight

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Trailer Love Bond tonight, identity Jessica finally dismantled by Ricky.

Ricky immediately asked to meet with Aldebaran to reveal who the real Jessica and her ex -fiance is Randy.

Even though before, Al could not believe what he said Elsa that says, if Jessica has a fiancé named Adi, when seen from the photo that is Randy.

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Aldebaran assume that Elsa win is sick to Andin, so what he was talking about was definitely a hallucination.

Synopsis Love Bond 10 November 2021

Synopsis Love Bond today 10 November 2021 showing Aldebaran who is disappointed at Andin.

Aldebaran know that Andin tell Mama Rosa the condition that she dropped after hearing news from Mr. Sanusi about Jessica allegedly raped Roy.

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