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Some iPhone users think that this will make them more wasteful of having to buy AirPods separately. – Apple has just introduced a series iPhone 12 for her fans around the world.

Although it brings a number of technological improvements in devices such as the A14 Bionic chipset.

iPhone 12 served with a very minimalist box filling.

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This is because Apple only provides smartphone devices and charging cables in the purchase box.

So you can be sure that you won’t get earphones and charger heads (adapters).

And it seems that the policy will also be felt by the previous series of the iPhone.

Because last Thursday (15/10), a leak of the latest iPhone 11 box design was found.

In the 10-second video, an iPhone 11 box is shown with a thinner and minimalist size.

With the spread of the video, speculation states that Apple will indeed be ready to sell the iPhone 11 without attaching earphones and charger heads.

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But a number of netizens think that this box is a box from the iPhone 12.

Regardless of whether this latest news is true or not.

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Apple is planning to become an environmentally friendly technology company.

At the Apple 12 launch event a few days ago, Apple officials said that the loss of chargers and earphones can reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, it can also minimize mining and the use of materials used to make device items.

“Customers already have more than 700 million earpods and many customers have switched wireless earpods or AirPods or other wireless headphones,” said Apple’s Vice President for Environmental Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

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“There are also more than 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world and that’s not counting the billions of third parties,” he added.

What Apple has done is pretty good, considering that the current technology waste has accumulated.

But what Apple has done has certainly caused debate among its fans.

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A number of users iPhone assume that it will make them more wasteful.

The reason is, of course, they have to buy AirPods or earphones separately at a price that is not cheap.

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