Revealed, Kim Jong-Un’s brother who was killed turned out to be a South Korean intelligence informant

Kim Jong-nam, the older brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who was assassinated in 2017, turned out to be a South Korean intelligence informant. (Source: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP, FILE)

SEOUL, KOMPAS.TV – KThe brother of slain North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam, is reportedly a South Korean intelligence informant.

As reported by the South Korean broadcaster SBS, Kim Jong-nam has often provided information to South Korean intelligence.

Kim Jong-nam is the eldest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

He was killed using VX nerve agent while at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February 2017.

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Kim Jong-un is said to have ordered his brother’s assassination.

Kim Jong-nam himself is not a respected figure in North Korea.

He was forced to live in exile, after previously being caught carrying a fake passport when he went to Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan.

Kim Jong-nam is also not very well liked by the North Korean government, because it is believed that he will make a number of changes that tend to open up the country, if he is appointed as North Korean leader.

In addition, previously there were rumors that Kim Jong-nam had connections with the CIA.



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