Revealed, China Injects Tens Of Thousands Of Citizens Before Vaccine Test …


BEIJINGChina injected tens of thousands of its citizens with an experimental Covid-19 vaccine and attracted international interest in its development.

However, experts are concerned about the safety of vaccines that have not yet completed standard tests.

China launched an emergency-use vaccine program in July, offering three experimental injections developed by the United States stock exchange-listed unit of the Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm (Sinopharm) and Sinovac Biotech SVA.

The fourth injection of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics is approved for use by the military China in June.

In order to protect essential workers and reduce the increase in the outbreak, the vaccine has the potential to help China‘s role in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

China does not release official data on vaccine administration to a number of groups, including medical workers, transport and food markets.

China National Biotec Group (CNBG), Sinopharm’s unit that developed two emergency-use vaccines, and Sinovac have confirmed that tens of thousands of people have been injected with the vaccines.

CNBG also acknowledges that it has provided hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine. One of these vaccines requires that one person get two or three shots of the vaccine.

China is adopting a top-down approach to supporting experimental vaccines and accelerating community support. Those who also received the vaccine injection were the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sinovac and Sinopharm and the head of military research.

Guizhen Wu, chief biologist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China (CDC), admitted this week that he was also injected with experimental vaccines in April, when he announced the potential for some of the vaccines to become publicly accessible as early as November. (Also read: Netanyahu: Peace with Arabs Pumping Millions of Dollars into Israeli Cash)

“So far, the few people who have been vaccinated, none of them have gotten sick with the disease. So far, the vaccine scheme is working very well. There were no side effects, “said Guizhen Wu. (Read the Infographic: Burevestnik: Russian Nuclear Cruise Missile with Global Range)

Wu’s comments are consistent with CNBG comments last week that none of the tens of thousands of people who have been vaccinated and traveled to high-risk countries have been infected with Covid-19. “There were no cases of dangerous reactions,” said Wu. (Watch Video: Hundreds of Cafe Visitors in Jepara Are Engaged in Dancing and Not Complying with Health Protocols)


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