Revealed! Anies Baswedan tabloid finally appears in Malang

Malang city

The riddle of the tabloid popularizer of Anies Baswedan’s success in Malang has been unveiled. The popularizer of this tabloid is the volunteer Anies P-24. They admitted to distributing tabloids containing the Anies Baswedan success story to a number of Malang City residents.

“We spread the tabloids. It means we spread the tabloids in Malang City,” Anies P-24 Malang City volunteer chief Joemawan Muhammad told reporters on Saturday (09/24/2022).

Joemawan explained, Anies P-24 volunteer in Malang City received 3,000 tabloid copies from Jakarta. Subsequently, these tabloids were distributed in numerous public spaces, including the traditional Malang City market.

“We have distributed about 2,800 (tabloids) and they are almost gone. Now there are only 200 left,” he explained.

Joemawan also pointed out that the Anies P-24 Volunteer had already received approval. In fact, at the center there is also an Anies P-24 Volunteer Leader named Gunaris.

“We already have DPD in East Java, only a few (which haven’t been trained yet),” he said.

As previously reported, a tabloid containing the hit Anies Baswedan suddenly spread to Malang City. The tabloid was distributed to the congregation of the Al Amin mosque in Malang city during Friday prayers. Not only that, this tabloid is also distributed to residents and traders in traditional markets.

If you look at it, a tabloid called KBAnewspaper contains 12 pages. The print edition of the tabloid February 28, 2022. Coverposted a photo of Anies with the title “WHY ANIES?”. The entire content of the content covers Anies Baswedan.

In the tabloid’s editorial box the name Ramadhan Pohan is written as the Founder / CEO. However, there is no clear address where the tabloid’s office is located.

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