Entertainment Reveal the true cause of death of actor Daniel...

Reveal the true cause of death of actor Daniel Alvarado


After the death of Daniel Alvarado, his children assured that their father will continue to live in the memory of all Venezuelans, in music, in acting, in theater and in cinema.

10 Jul 2020 8:35By: ntn24.com

Days after the unfortunate death of the first Venezuelan actor Daniel Alvarado, his sons Daniela and José Daniel revealed their father’s true cause of death.

As soon as Alvarado’s death was known, close sources claimed that it was due to a domestic accident after falling from a ladder and hitting his head.

However, his children clarified through a video published on Instagram that, after forensic examinations, the actor died of a sudden heart attack.

OF INTEREST: Daniel Alvarado ´black fullero´ died after suffering a domestic accident

Previously, “El Negrito Fullero”, as Alvarado is known for the famous bagpipe he composed, had gone out to exercise, his children detailed.

Meanwhile, they appreciated the expressions of affection towards their father and their relatives. “God took the plan to take my dad and we accepted it,” said José Daniel.

For her part, Daniela assured that her father “leaves them full of much pain and nostalgia but full of many memories and many laughs.”

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