reveal how much AstraZeneca’s vaccine protected against death versus Pfizer and Moderna

The price of the products can be associated with quality, although this is not always the case in health, and even less so during covid pandemicwhen one of the vaccines that was used in the world was deliberately the cheapest on the market by not pursuing a profit motive.

AstraZeneca’s cost 4 dollarsagainst the 19.50 dollars or 21.50 dollars that cost those of Pizer and Moderna. In other words, for each vaccine from American laboratories, five or more doses of those produced by the University of Oxford and the British laboratory could be acquired.

The novelty, known in the last few hours, is that the consideration against serious illness and death that the three vaccines provided to those infected with Covid was similar.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine emerged as a great promise in the midst of a pandemic, not only because of its low cost, but also because of the speed with which it was developed. Though a hiccup in the clinical trial delayed the final results. Then, the lack of inputs to complete the production process ended up postponing the availability of the doses.

This led to the well-known story that Argentina experienced in 2021, when the active ingredient produced by the local MabXience laboratory traveled to the Liomont laboratory in Mexico for its packaging and final formulation, and there it stalled.

So our country spent more time than expected without being able to start receiving the vaccines that could have saved thousands of lives during the second wave of Covid, in the first semester from last year.

Preparation of a vaccine against Covid. Photo: Xinhua

More than a year and a half after active immunization began on the planet, now comes this conclusion about the AstraZeneca vaccine: a review of data from 79 real world studies showed that Vaxzevria (its invented name), and available mRNA Covid-19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) provided protection equally effective against hospitalization and death after two doses.

The experts reviewed the View-hub database on the use and impact of vaccines, developed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the International Center for Vaccine Access. The study findings were reported by the Expert Review of Vaccines.

The study shows that Vaxzevria and the BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 mRNA Covid-19 vaccines offer an equivalent degree protection against hospitalization (91-93 percent) and death (91-93 percent), regardless of age.

The data available at the time of review relate to the variant Delta and earlier variants, although emerging data on the third dose booster from the UK Health Security Agency and Brazil indicate similar findings on severe Covid-19 outcomes resulting from the Omicron variant.

Guy Thwaites, director of the Oxford Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam and one of the study’s authors, said: “Covid-19 vaccines have been instrumental in helping save lives and return the world to some normalcy over the past year. . Our expert review shows that Vaxzevria and available mRNA vaccines provide similar, high-level protection against life-threatening Covid-19. This is important information for policy makersas they consider the optimal deployment of Covid-19 vaccines in their populations over the next 12 months.”

Used vials of the Covid vaccine.  Photo: Xinhua

Used vials of the Covid vaccine. Photo: Xinhua

In Argentina, after the inconveniences arising from the delays in the delivery of doses -which at the time deserved a specific claim from President Alberto Fernández-, the Government has not reported new purchases of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The doses that continue to arrive in the country are mainly from Pfizer and Moderna.

The VIEW-hub platform is updated weekly to include global, real-world studies of vaccine effectiveness. Currently, the platform is not designed to capture the safety results of these studies, precluding similar safety comparisons.

AstraZeneca and its global partners have launched more than three billion doses of vaccines to more than 180 countriesand about two-thirds of these doses have been delivered to low- and lower-middle-income countries, as it was the cheapest vaccine on the market.

“Based on the model results, it is estimated that Vaxzevria helped save more than 6 million lives between December 8, 2020 and December 8, 2021”, AstraZeneca sources pointed out.


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