Reveal hard present of Joaquín’s family, protagonists of emotional chapter of C. Viento y Marea | TV and Show


10 months ago the story of a little call Joaquin and his family in the program Against all odds. Back then, the 10-year-old boy asked that his parents could have a wedding, since they had no resources to pay for something like that.

This was because the family’s resources were spent on him, who He lives with a brain tumor and has had 10 operations in his life.

At that time the story had a happy ending, as the boy’s parents came to the altar and married. However, now they have shown some economic problems due to the pandemic.

The situation was reported by Daniela, the boy’s mother, who indicated to Page 7 that in recent weeks the family has experienced the consequences of the economic crisis.

More specifically, the woman reported that Her husband Héctor lost his job in the Florida municipality. That event occurred last June.

“He was working at the Florida Municipal Corporation, at the print shop, and in March they sent him home in quarantine,” he said. However, last month he was informed that his contract would not be renewed.

“I have been out of work since March, since we had his salary. I am a stylist and because of the contact with people, so direct, we made the decision not to continue taking care of Joaquín, since he is at high risk, “he said.

For now, the family indicated that they are waiting for a job option to emerge for Hector, adding that these days they carry out smaller jobs.

“My husband is handing out hair products to a friend in the van they gave us.
This month we have paid the rent for this and my sister and mother are helping me with purchases for the children, “he said.

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It should be noted that, for the moment, Joaquín’s health has been good, although they have not attended the San Juan de Dios hospital to avoid infections.

“We have been super strict with him, he does not come out at all, only by video call has he been able to have contact with the family,” Daniela concluded.

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