return to public schools from this Tuesday, in full days

The resumption will take place in all schools in the city, from May 12, in reduced numbers (10 or 15 students), over a full day. According to the establishments, it could be every other day or all week.

In Vinci and Dolto, the large sections, CP and CM2 will return this Tuesday. In Matisse, the large sections. At Pagnol, Hugo and Péguy, CP and CM2. At Pasteur, CP, CM1 and CM2. To Pascal, Curie, Méliès, Cognac-Jay, Derain, Ferry, all classes. And so on, depending on the school, until May 25. Back to European school on May 15.

Boost Days

At the start, the city will serve a sandwich. Then, quickly according to the mayor, a meal tray, also in class. Price: € 2.25, the lowest marcquois rate. The schools have all been disinfected and will be cleaned daily. Extracurricular daycare will not be provided, to avoid mixing. It will only be set up for personnel who are fighting against the Covid.

On days when children are not going to school in their school, the municipality will welcome them free of charge, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in specific sites (cultural or sports facilities). A day called This action Helping hand, with municipal staff.


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