Return to building roots. The Czech developers will let us build Mesopotamia in the game Nebuchadnezzar

Czech isometric building strategy Nebuchadnezzar

Photo: Nepos Games

Choose the best place to establish the first dwellings and watch as families with households loaded on carts or donkeys move to the newly emerging city. The hours we spent in our youth with ancient building strategies such as Pharaoh, there were countless, and now we can return to the good old days thanks to the Czech game studio Nepos Games. He is releasing a game Nebuchadnezzarwhich will take us this time to ancient Mesopotamia.

Behind the Nepos Games studio are Luděk Hroch and Josef Hajíček, who founded the studio in April 2019. They both met at SCS Software, as betrayed Josef Hajíček in an interview for Hrej.czwhere they worked on the title Euro Truck Simulator 2. Word for word and both embarked on the development of an isometric gaming experience on their own, following on from legendary games such as Pharaoh, Caesar whose Zeus, which is based on the classical era of Greek antiquity.

As the name suggests, Nebuchadnezzar deals with the environment of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization that stretched between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. The first city-states began to emerge in this area, and buildings were built here, which later became one of the wonders of the world. And it is the task of 16 historical missions that the game brings just to go through the individual important stages of Mesopotamia and build ziggurats shading with their monumentality and the sun itself.


The player has the opportunity to define the appearance of the monuments being built

Photo: Nepos Games

The content of the play should be based on historical realities, which Josef Hajíček took care of, relying on the knowledge of cooperating asyriologists. Nevertheless, the player is left enough freedom to freely determine not only the appearance of the city, but even the monuments themselves, which is in contrast to the above-mentioned legendary titles from Impressions Games, which had the shape of important buildings predefined.

However, the basic game principles remain similar. Create a city with a perfectly functioning system of production and consumption, with the creation of which players can clearly win. The so-called walkers, ie characters walking on the streets with goods, have considerably limited possibilities of maximum range of motion. In addition, the player can manually define their routes, so it is clear that creating the best working solution can be a big challenge.

He will also request a sandbox script, which should come into play with the first update. In this case, the player will have the opportunity to build a city without having to perform any tasks within the mission and with all buildings unlocked. Thanks to this, real ancient megacities can be created under his hands.


The system of production and consumption is a fundamental element of the whole game

Photo: Nepos Games

But it doesn’t end with a sandbox. Over time, the developers want to work on improving some of the visual elements of the game, further elaborate on the construction of monuments and improve the appearance of the city’s surroundings. In addition, the game is open to various game modes on which the community can work, and thus constantly bring new content to it.

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Title Nebuchadnezzar is available on platforms Steam a GOG for the price of 20 euros, ie approximately 500 crowns. Over time, the Linux version should also come, and owners of macOS devices should come to their senses.

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