Return of the mercenaries from Avalanche

APA – Austria Press Agency

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is an action role-playing game. And as the name suggests, a completely renewed version of the PlayStation game released in 1997.

Players control the mercenary Cloud Strife, who fights the evil Shinra mega-corporation with a mercenary force called Avalanche. They have to, because Shinra wants nothing less than to suck the life energy from an entire planet.

Depending on the challenge, you switch to “Final Fantasy VII Remake“between the individual members of the mercenary troop. Each of the characters has individual abilities that help to solve the adventure. Some characters are gifted in magic, others are good melee combatants.

Chosen for you

If you prefer action-packed real-time battles instead of the originally turn-based combat mode, you can put attacks and spells over the various buttons on the controller. Thus, the game increases enormously in speed compared to the original from the 90s and also wants to take younger players into the “Final Fantasy” cosmos.

The Remake appears for Playstation 4 and costs around 50 euros.

Source: Agencies
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