Retreaded Tires vs. Cheap New Tires: Safety Features and Price Comparison

One of the most important safety features is the wheels, so we looked at the differences between retreaded tires and cheap new tires. Which are better and what is the price difference between them.

Retreaded tires are used tires whose tread is rebuilt.

Basically, a new rubber membrane is attached over the outside of the old tire. Or, as some drivers say, a new layer of “meat” is put over the old carcass.

Theoretically, only certain types of tires can be retreaded. They are marked with the acronym “AUR”, which means Reusable Used Tire.

Retreaded tires have advantages but also disadvantages

Retreaded tires have advantages and disadvantages, especially from a safety perspective.

The main advantage of a retreaded tire is the purchase price, which is half that of a premium tire.

For those who care about the environment, these tires are considered ecological, because they are reused. But this is about the end of the advantages chapter.

The main disadvantage – retreaded tires are not as safe as those built from scratch. Each tire is retreaded differently, so they have a different grip on the road. Some are heavier, some lighter, even if the visual appearance is identical.

The life span is very short. In certain weather conditions, the added rubber bands may come off even after a few kilometers.

New tires, but cheap

Those with a limited budget often turn to new, but cheap tires.

They are built by various unknown manufacturers and are 40-50% cheaper than those of the big name brands. The problem is that the quality often leaves something to be desired.

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The tire is one of the most important elements of the car. The safety of you, those in your car and those on the road depends on the quality of the tire. And it’s not about how you drive, that you are a careful driver and go slowly. It’s about the limit situations, when you have to brake suddenly or make a turn at the limit. Or when you drive in the rain or snow“, explained Titi Aur for ProMotor.

Defensive driving expert and multiple rally champion, Titi Aur says he would not bet on retreaded tires or cheap ones. From his point of view, both offer a low level of security.

I recommend that everyone, if they care about their safety and the safety of those around them, invest in a tire from a reputable manufacturer. They cost more but have a much better grip. And they make a difference in a borderline situationTiti Aur also said.

How much are retreaded tires and new but cheap ones

To make a comparison, we chose the winter tires with the size 185/65 R15, with which the Dacia Logan is generally equipped.

How much are retreaded and new but cheap tires compared to a set of premium tires:

retreaded Radburg tire – 150 lei new Sailun tire – 199 lei new Goodyear tire – 303 lei

Very important for new tires is the year of manufacture. This is marked with the DOT designation on the side of the tire and the numbers indicate the year. For example, DOT 22 means that tire was manufactured in 2022.

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Specialists recommend that the age of a tire is no more than 5 years. So those who buy a new tire this year, should be careful to write at least DOR 18 on the side. That means the tire was built in 2018.

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