Retirement pensions 2020. This is how much retirees and pensioners get on their accounts [stawki – 19.10.2020]

Only in Kujawsko-Pomorskie there are about 400,000 retirees and disability pensioners]who receive benefits from ZUS. We also have over 60,000 pensioners and over 17,000 KRUS pensioners.

We look at the wallets of pensioners. We show their income on the basis of the information they themselves gave us. They gave the amount of benefits on hand. See how much former builders, shop assistants and representatives of various other professions earn in the gallery below.

We present what pensions do retirees and pensioners receive ZUS and KRUS. Such as retired:

  • farmers
  • teachers
  • widow of the deceased prosecutor
  • accountant GS
  • lecturer at the university
  • former employee of the prison service covered by the Disubsecution Act
  • worker
  • militiaman
  • shop SOC
  • shop owner
  • or a bank cashier


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