Retirement 2021 – changes. Seniors will be able to count on such additions in the new year [lista – 18.10.2020]

As every year, pensions are subject to indexation. Every year, seniors can count on a several percent increase in their income. In addition to the standard valorization, pensioners can count on a number of additional money? What kind? And how to get it? Check out our gallery.

For retirees, however, 2021 will be extremely financially beneficial. The government proposed to the Social Dialogue Council that next year’s indexation should be kept at the statutory minimum level of 20%. real growth of the average wage in 2020. Therefore, the indexation index will amount to 3.84 percent.

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As much as nearly PLN 30 billion will be worth additions that will go to seniors in 2021. To which Extra money can a pensioner count in 2021? Details in the gallery below:

Indexation in 2021. What will be the increases?

For people who received a pension below PLN 1,300, the increase will be PLN 50. For people who received a pension of PLN 2,000, the increase is PLN 77. People who received a pension in the amount of PLN 2,500 will receive a PLN 94 increase. PLN 115 is a raise for those who had PLN 3,000.

Watch the video: How to increase the pension?


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