Retired US General: If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons, the US and Its Allies Will Kill the Russian Army | Russia | Leman | Petraeus

【New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, October 3, 2022】UkraineOn Saturday (1 October) the army recaptured a strategic city in the Udong regionLimanoCity (Lyman), morale is high,Russiatowards usenuclear weaponsit may seem that it has gone a step further. The former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on 2 sternly warned Russia of the serious consequences of the use of nuclear weapons.

Retired Four-Star Army General of the US Army, former Director of the CIAPetraeus(David Petraeus) warned in an interview with ABC on Sunday that ifRussiaPresident Putin insideUkraineusenuclear weaponsthe United States and its allies will destroy Russian troops and equipment in Ukraine and sink their Black Sea fleet.

PetraeusHe told ABC that he had not discussed a possible US response to a nuclear escalation from Russia with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Government officials have communicated information to Moscow through dedicated channels, he added.

“Just to give you a guess, we will respond by leading a NATO, a collective, to eliminate every single Russian conventional force that we can see and identify on the battlefields of Ukraine and Crimea, and every ship in the Black Sea,” Petraeus said.

Comments from Petraeus, a key logistics hub in the Ukrainian army’s reconquest of the Donetsk region in eastern DonbassLimanopublished later. He said Putin was “losing” the war in Ukraine.

Petraeus pointed out that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his army are “significantly more mobilized than Russia” and that Ukraine is much better at recruiting, training, equipping, organizing and using troops than Russia.

“The reality that Russia is facing now is that Ukraine, which is only a third the size of Russia, has a larger and more effective army there,” Petraeus pointed out. “So the situation he faces, I think it’s impossible. Reversed.”

After news of Leman’s fall spread, Putin’s close ally, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, urged Russia to deploy low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Many of Putin’s main allies, including former President Dmitry Medvedev, have advanced the idea that Russia may need to use nuclear weapons, but Kadyrov’s suggestion was the clearest.

At a fringe meeting of the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday, Tom Tugendhat, chair of the British House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, warned that Kadyrov’s call for Moscow to use low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine would be “a consequence. very serious. Decide. “

“It is very clear that nuclear weapons have been a particular taboo for almost every country in the world for decades,” said Tugendat, adding that the Russian leader must recognize Ukraine’s territorial integrity and “stop its assassinations in Europe. “.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said at the meeting that it was “extremely unlikely” that Putin would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, which would be unacceptable to his allies India and China. Wallace noted that Putin “knows very clearly what is acceptable and what is not” in his meetings with Indian and Chinese leaders.

Wallace added that Putin was behaving very irrationally. As a final concern for Russia’s “irrational” actions, Wallace will attend a crisis meeting in the Nordic countries on the 3rd to discuss the safety of maintenance of pipelines and submarine cables.

(Full report by reporter Li Zhaoxi / editor in charge: Lin Qing)

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