Resume docking between SpaceX Crew-1 and ISS from the backyard

With the mission SpaceX Crew-1 that reached the International Space Station in recent days, we have seen a lot beautiful images shooting from different angles. Both from space and from the ground making many people passionate all over the world. But some images are even more spectacular, such as those taken by Philip Smith.

SpaceX Crew-1 and ISS footage from the backyard

Philip Smith lives in Manorville (New York) and is passionate about astronomy. Her latest venture, which was also widely distributed on social, was to resume the docking between SpaceX Crew-1 and the International Space Station from Earth. All in great detail considering that it is not a state body or agency anyway.

A telescope was reportedly employed Celestron EdgeHD 14″ with a ZWO ASI174MM camera, TeleVue 2X eyepiece and an Astrodon red filter and custom equatorial mount in both hardware and software. As you can see the capsule of SpaceX Crew-1 it is on the far right while the much larger ISS occupies the rest of the image. It must be considered that the capsule has overall small dimensions, equal to 8.1 x 4 meters which make photographic capture complex.


Even more interesting for another image always captured by Philip Smith with the same system (except the eyepiece which was a TeleVue 1.8X). This is the docking between the mission SpaceX Demo-2 and the ISS happened a few months ago. In this case the detail is even higher allowing to clearly distinguish the various elements (always thinking that they are amateur instruments used from the ground). The capsule in the image above is on the left (you can see the light white color) while the rest of the structure that of the ISS.


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