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The 2020th “covid” year is coming to an end, of course, this is what it will first of all remain in history and in our memory. After all, we still have never seen such a nix that the unknown coronavirus brought on the planet a year ago (!) – and we did not even know that such a thing was possible. However, the phenomenon turned out to be so global that, as it seems to me, summing up the results of the year, it will not be possible to talk about covid “in general”, this muck turned out to be painfully multifaceted.

Therefore, it is better to talk about each “facet” separately, all the topics are rich. Let’s start with a purely medical aspect, especially since here, too, from the very beginning, fierce disputes between “kovidobes” and “kovidoskeptics” are raging. Some say that this is a “monstrous epidemic” that threatens almost the very existence of mankind; others, on the contrary, are convinced that this disease is not more dangerous than influenza, or even just one of the varieties of influenza, and its “lethal force” is shamelessly inflated by the media – and on a worldwide scale, during the massive information bombing that has been going on for 11 months, supported by WHO and the governments of almost every country in the world. Among covid dissidents, there are even those who completely deny the very existence of covid as a specific disease.
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