Results 12.09: Switch to the Latin alphabet and the death of a judge

Photo: NSDC

Oleksiy Danilov spoke in favor of the romanization of Ukrainians

The head of the NSDC suggested that Ukrainians switch from Cyrillic to Latin; near Kiev, a judge of the Pechersk court was found dead. highlights the main events of yesterday.

Danilov said that Ukraine should switch to the Latin alphabet

NSDC Secretary Alexey Danilov expressed the opinion that Ukraine should get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet and switch to Latin, and learning English from childhood is extremely important. According to the official, “English is the language of civilized communication,” and “everyone should know it.”

One of the capital judges was found dead in the Kiev region

In the village of Pogreby, Brovarsky district, Kiev region, in the house of his friend the judge of the Pechersk district court died the city of Kiev Vitaly Pisanets. When the police arrived, the man’s body was lying on the floor of the living room of the house, no damage was found on it. The cause of death will be established by an examination. The case opened under the article on premeditated murder was taken over by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Ukrainian defender died in the OOS zone

In the Donbass, near the village of New York, separatists fired at positions of the Joint Forces from automatic heavy grenade launchers, in the direction of Nevelskoye – from small arms, and in the area of ​​Verkhnetoretskoye – from an anti-tank missile system. As a result of the shelling was injured incompatible with life, Marine Arthur Golub.

Plane crashed in Zhytomyr region

In the Zhytomyr region light aircraft crashedwho sprayed chemicals over the fields. The cause of the accident was a tree, over which the aircraft caught and fell. The aircraft pilot survived and was hospitalized.

Russian activist who participated in the annexation of Crimea detained in the Czech Republic

At Prague airport Russian activist detained, “Hero of the Crimean Spring” Alexander Franchetti, against whom accusations have been brought in Ukraine. The Czech police confirmed that the Russian citizen was detained on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by Kiev.

The main condition of the Zelensky-Putin meeting was announced at Bankova Street

Press Secretary of President Vladimir Zelensky Sergei Nikiforov said that the head of the Ukrainian state intends to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to raise the issue of annexed Crimea and Donbass, but the Kremlin refuses to discuss this topic.

Kharkiv Pride Equality March took place in Kharkiv

In the center of Kharkov KharkivPride equality march passed, which was attended by about two thousand people. The procession was guarded by several hundred policemen and national guardsmen. The coordinator of the event, Anna Sharygina, spoke about the threats to the organizers on the eve of the march, but there were no incidents.

North Korea successfully tested new missile

North Korea weekend successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile that has been under development for the past two years. The missiles launched flew for 7580 seconds over the territory of the DPRK and its territorial waters and hit targets at a distance of 1.5 thousand kilometers.

The United States said that they are aware of the launches and that they are monitoring the situation in coordination with allies and partners.

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