Result statement: Trust in Rutte lost | What you say

Almost half even think that new elections should be held. He would have spoken to the press ‘in good conscience’, said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte last Friday at the start of the already historic parliamentary debate about the failed reconnaissance. That process came to a standstill earlier, after a note from scout duo Ollongren and Jorritsma, in which the name of CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt was mentioned. Rutte stated to the NOS that he never mentioned Omtzigt’s name, but when the interview reports came up, it turned out to be the opposite. During the debate, in which he was called to account, Rutte swore once again that he never lied.

“Dementia at random,” one theorem calls the prime minister’s sudden forgetfulness. After all, it is not the first time that Rutte says he has no memory of events or statements made. More than half (55%) of the proposition participants indicate that they no longer have confidence in Rutte, after the accumulating developments in the so-called ‘scout gate’. “The pattern of forgetfulness is an offense against voters,” says one. “And certainly of people who have been duped by the benefits affair.”

More than half of the respondents (54%) is crystal clear about it: let Rutte make way for a new prime minister. Another nearly half (48%) are in favor of new elections. “We need transparency. A new beginning would be the fairest, ”says someone.

Yet not everyone is keen on a new poll. It is cumbersome and takes too much time, many respondents argue. Time we don’t have, because the country has to be steered through a crisis. “The elections have been, the voter has spoken. Stop all the scheming and get to work: there is more than enough to do. ” Another says: “Two million people voted for Rutte. Should those people be left out in the cold? “

About 45% of the position takers also think that the VVD should first take matters into their own hands by putting forward a new leader. “The party came out as the largest after all. Let them choose a new leader themselves, to regain confidence. If that doesn’t work, elections are an option. ”

The Easter days that followed the parliamentary debate had to be a period of ‘reflection’. It turned out to be short-lived. On Saturday, Christian Union leader Gert-Jan Segers announced not to step into a new cabinet with Rutte as prime minister. Several prominent VVD members called his statements ‘Extraordinarily not charming’. Others praised Segers for showing his colors. The participants also appear to be divided. “Very brave of Segers. He gives the VVD a taste of his own medicine ”, someone says. But not everyone thinks he played it smart. “He should have supported Wilders’ motion of no confidence right away, instead of making a fuss afterwards.”

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