Restrictions on travel in Turkey are lifted

Turkey is moving today to the 3rd stage of full normalization of life after the strict restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic, BTA writes. The curfew and restrictions on leaving homes on weekends are coming to an end. Restrictions on intercity transport and travel are also lifted.

Restrictions and measures in the resorts are removed, but in compliance with the requirements for wearing masks, hygiene measures and social distance.

Cinemas, theaters and concert halls open. Restrictions on the number of wedding visitors are removed.

The restrictive measure on the number of visitors and tables in restaurants, eateries, buffets, etc. is also removed.

Cafes, gambling halls, outdoor tea gardens are opening.

An exception, however, are hookah smoking establishments, which will continue to close after July 1 because they are considered risky to spread the pandemic.

All jobs that were closed due to the pandemic will work normally from today.

Music in bars, concerts, music halls will be allowed only until midnight.

The events of informal organizations, trade unions, associations, societies, professional and cooperative associations, demonstrations and other mass events will be held in compliance with the requirements for wearing masks, hygiene and social distance, at least 4 square meters outdoors and 6 sq.m in closed places.

These conditions will also apply to festivals, concerts, camps and other events of this kind.

Weddings, sonnets and other related celebrations will be held without restrictions on the number of participants, but with music only until midnight.

In public transport you will travel with masks, but without seat restrictions.

Adults over the age of 65 and people under the age of 18 will again travel without restrictions in public transport.



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