Restore beautiful skin, clear face with PHENN, 4 types of vitamin C serum!

Hello friends Long gone since the New Year Today we are back. Comes with good items As always … the one that disappeared was not going anywhere. Hiding in front of the computer and in the kitchen Did not go out to work at home all the time Until coming to look in the mirror again My skin cannot be worn anymore. Looking for help urgently !!

Here it is “PHENN QUAD C SERUM” The helper we have used is very fine. Let me tell you a little bit …. After the second round of COVID admitted to being at home, laziness grew and forgot to take care of yourself. Make the face shabby, not bright Skin that is already dry is dry again. Makeup doesn’t stick at all. Stains during the day T_T

When we come now, we can leave the house, Work Form Home is less, need to recover a little. Nourish it And one of the skin care we use is “Vitamin C Pen Quat serum” This!

Seeing a small bottle like this, I can tell you that the properties and ingredients are not common, let’s have a look …. Whatever the name, he is a vitamin C serum, of course, that must help nourish the skin to be clear, smooth and also help with wrinkles. Looks faded Makes the skin look bright, moisturized, not worn because it comes with ingredients that help to nourish the skin as well, whether it is

– 4 Vitamin C complex 4 types of Vitamin C that are Anti-Oxidant help our skin look naturally radiant and smooth.
– Woogaon (Ougon extract) is the root of horseradish. That is often used as an ingredient in Japanese cosmetics and skin care Which has properties as Anti-aging helps reduce wrinkles It also helps reduce inflammation, helping to brighten the skin better than vitamin C. It is not enough because it can also prevent sunlight as well.
– Provitamin B5 Improves skin elasticity Reduces inflammation, itching and helps heal wounds Anyone with acne will heal faster.
– Vitamin E. As an antioxidant That protects the skin from premature aging Coming from sunlight or pollution Moreover, that field is This vitamin E, when combined with vitamin C, results in a triple performance improvement.
…. How are you, friends? The feature of this vitamin C serum is pretty good, isn’t it? Come on, we’ll show you the texture of the serum along with the steps for using it. How are you doing

The serum texture will be clear. It is very light, absorbed quickly, not sticky.

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Immediately after application, the skin is soft. Immediately moisturized.

How to use: We use about 1-2 drops and apply all over the face in the morning and evening …. We will be the first skin care after washing the face.

Results and feelings after use: After trying to use it for a while The first is I really like his serum texture. Because it is absorbed quickly and comfortably on the skin, not sticky, making it less annoying to the skin The scent is light and fresh, when applied to the skin, it does not burn, does not itch, does not fade away. Before, sometimes we used some vitamin C products, it was itchy and itchy skin. (My skin is sensitive But use this one and survive without losing)

As for the results on the skin Will really be smoother When you rub your hand on your face, it will feel smooth. Even though the previous one rubbed was so dry Can’t make up at all, apply foundation powder, doesn’t stick, and also stains. But now that the skin improves, the makeup is more lasting, life is much better.

… In regards to the whiteness, I think it may take more time. But overall, I think the skin is clearer. Small blemishes fade gradually. I think it’s very ok. For a serum at a price of hundreds, but the results are so good, I forgot to mention, I bought it for 790 baht per bottle.

Let’s say friends Anyone looking for a good serum To help restore the skin, nourish the skin, we recommend “PHENN QUAD C SERUM Light me up” This bottle is another option. Try to find and use it. I guarantee you will not be disappointed ….

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For today, we have to excuse ourselves first. Next time there will be some good items to share. Please follow along. Bye bye.



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