Restaurants Caught Reusing Leftover Side Dishes in Busan Crackdown: Yonhap News TV

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A container of kimchi left by customers in the corner of the restaurant… “I’m going to make kimchi stew”



Several restaurants have been caught reusing leftover side dishes from customers.

When the city of Busan cracked down on 200 places, including knight restaurants and rice soup restaurants, it was found that 11 places were illegal.

Reporter Ko Hwi-hun reports.


A special judicial police officer in Busan, who investigates illegal food service establishments, opens the lid of a side dish box lying on the floor.

The inside is full of kimchi.

<현장음> “(Boss, what is this kimchi container?) I’m going to make kimchi stew with that.”

As the investigation continued, he belatedly confessed the truth.

<적발 음식점 업주> “I’ll tell you honestly. I collected (leftover) kimchi. The reason I gathered it was to make kimchi stew. I throw away everything else, but kimchi was a waste. Kimchi stew comes out after boiling…”

Another restaurant in Dongrae-gu, Busan.

<현장음> “(What is this, boss?) I’m leaving now. (Why is this fish cake torn?) It was torn while frying. ?”

The crackdown team had marked the leftover side dishes after eating the restaurant food themselves, but it was discovered that the side dishes were served again to other guests.

As a result of cracking down on more than 200 restaurants in Busan for two months from last April, 11 violating restaurants were caught.

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Of these, 8 were found to be businesses that reused leftovers.

It has been found that illegal activities are taking place in restaurants where single-person meals are possible, such as driver’s restaurants, and restaurants run by families.

<강서영 / 부산시 특별사법경찰과 식품수사팀 수사관> “Most of all, the business owners lacked hygiene awareness. In fact, most stores were doing well. Some stores still don’t have a concept of hygiene…”

Busan City warns that business owners who reuse leftover food from customers may face up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 30 million won in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act, and that they are actively receiving reports as well as crackdowns.

This is Yonhap News TV Ko Hwi-hun. ([email protected])

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