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SURABAYA, – Mayor Surabaya Tri Rismaharini admitted that he was not worried that his master would be Surabaya Pilkada, couple Eri CahyadiArmuji, attacked by 8 coalition parties supporting the Machfud Arifin-Mujiaman pair.

Even, Risma comparing himself during the 2015 Pilkada.

At that time, Risma and Wisnu Sakti Buana were only supported by PDI-P without forming a coalition with other parties.

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“Wow, I was only supported by one party, I used to be alone,” said Risma, after the Eri Cahyadi-Armuji declaration, at Taman Harmoni Surabaya, Wednesday (2/9/2020).

He was sure that even though he was only supported by 1 party, the pair he supported, namely Eri Cahyadi-Armuji, would still win because the citizens of Surabaya were smart and could tell which pair was suitable to lead Surabaya.

“Residents of Surabaya are already smart, you know,” said Risma.

Moreover, now Eri Cahyadi is a figure who has many networks in the grassroots community.

“There is actually a lot of support from the community, but I can’t be afraid,” said Risma.

PDI-P nominated Eri Cahyadi as a candidate for mayor and Armuji as a candidate for deputy mayor in the Surabaya Pilkada.

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The pair were announced virtually by the PDI-P DPP Wednesday afternoon.

This pair is certain to face Machfud Arifin-Mujiaman, which is carried by a giant coalition of 8 political parties, namely PKS, PKB, PPP, Nasdem Party, Golkar Party, Democratic Party, PAN and Gerindra Party.

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