“Resist Temptation” and say no to carrots… Emergence of “Severely Swollen” Zebra Portrait in Seoul Newspaper

The zoo side “will bring a vertical pair within next year”

▲ Zebra ‘Sero’ is refusing snacks. JTBC broadcast capture

Children’s Grand Park zebra ‘Serro’, who made a commotion to escape, is now reported to be in a tight state.

According to Seoul Children’s Grand Park on the 25th, zookeepers marked a female zebra in pairs vertically. However, since she is still young, she plans to stay with her parents for a while. It is known that at least next year he will be staying with Sero.

Sero’s nest will also be changed, and the wooden fence he jumped out of will be replaced with an iron one and the height will be increased.

On the 24th, keeper Heo Ho-jeong of Seoul Children’s Grand Park commented on Sero’s condition after returning to the zoo, “Fortunately, he has recovered well and is healthy. However, the state of mind is actually completely screwed up. I made it clear that I don’t even eat snacks and I am waiting for the door to open gloomily,” said many media outlets. His favorite snack is carrots, but he doesn’t eat carrots even when given to them, and is said to be ‘tuk-tuk’ with his head on the indoor pillars.

Previously, at around 2:40 pm on the 23rd, a male zebra had escaped by destroying a wooden deck installed around us at the Neungdong Children’s Grand Park Zoo in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Cerro was captured 3 hours and 30 minutes after walking around a residential area through a nearby road.

▲ A zebra escapes from Seoul Children’s Grand Park… attempting capture
Children’s Grand Park reported that a zebra escaped from Seoul Children’s Grand Park in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 23rd and roamed the downtown residential area, and the authorities are carrying out an operation to capture it alive. The picture shows a zebra that escaped from the Children’s Grand Park. 2023.3.23. yunhap news

Due to the escape case of Sero, the story of Sero, which was released on the YouTube channel of the Seoul Facilities Corporation in January, was re-examined.

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According to this, Sero was born in a zoo in June 2019 and stayed with his parents until he lost his mother ‘Ruru’ in 2021 and his father ‘Garo’ last year. The average lifespan of a zebra is 20 to 25 years old, but both parents are around 20 years old, so it seems that they died of frailty.

Since then, Sero has been alone in the barn. His parents’ older brothers and sisters were all sent to other zoos before Sero was born due to lack of pen space.

In terms of human age, Sero, who lost his parents around the age of 10, became a rebel in the herbivore village at the zoo. He often got into fights with the kangaroo next door, and he didn’t eat well. It is reported that recently he refused to come into the inner room, which is an indoor space, at night and tried to stay in the outdoor radiation field (exterior room).

▲ The zebra ‘Sero’ in the YouTube video of the Seoul Facilities Corporation in January

Jo Gyeong-wook, head of the animal welfare team at Seoul Children’s Grand Park, explained, “The reason for escaping is unclear.”

Reporter Lee Bo-hee

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