‘Resist 2020’: the hymn of confinement sweeps

More of 3.4 million views in just over 24 hours. That is the result of ‘I will resist 2020‘a new version of the song of the Dynamic duo performed by singers such as Vanesa Martín, Rozalén, David Bisbal, Melendi or Manuel Carrasco.

More than fifty artists participate in this recording promoted by Cadena 100 and produced by Pablo Cebrián, whose benefits will be for Caritas.

After its release on YouTube and CADENA100.es, the song is now also available on all digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Tidal. Further, an official playlist has been created ‘Resistiré 2020’ where you can hear this success and a selection of songs from the participating voices.

A version that consolidates ‘Resistiré’ as the unofficial anthem of lockdown and that renews a song from the Dynamic Duo composed in 1987.

This time the version is in charge of David Bisbal, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Álvaro Soler or Murcia’s Blas Cantó and Carlos Tarque (M-Clan).

As well as India Martínez, Andrés Suárez, José Mercé, Álex Ubago, Andrés (Dvicio), Mikel Erentxun, Pastora Soler, Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos, Diana Navarro, Ele, Georgina, Iván (Hall Effect) , Josemi Carmona, Nil Moliner, Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rulo, Sofía Ellar and Susana (Butterfly Effect).



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