resignations of 3 officials following revelations


While Ubisoft Forward conference will take place in a few hours, the editor sees leaving several key characters questioned in theLiberation investigation.

A better Ubisoft announcement than anything we have tonight

In the second part of the file devoted to toxic atmosphere with harassment and even attempted sexual assault in Ubisoft, Liberation spoke about the consequences of its first paper and in particular of the strategy of the editor. According to Erwan Cario and Marius Chapuis, the intention was to publicly punish a few (Tommy François and Maxime Béland) in the hope that this would be enough to make people forget the whole affair a week later.

Only, we are a week later and Libé continued his revelations, while being joined by Numerama. It is assumed that “the media insistence” convinced Ubisoft to take the situation more seriously. These are three important people from the company who have just announced their departure.

So this concerns Serge Hascoët, the creative director presented as the one who enabled this toxic environment. But also Cecile Cornet the Director of Human Resources for the entire group who was accused of having covered a certain number of cases. And to finish, Yannis Mallat, head of Canadian studios, which is more surprising given that his name was not mentioned.

Please note that these are officially voluntary departures and not dismissals. The press release is even rather vague on the fact that it is a loss of title or a real departure. A situation clarified later with Bloomberg, they do leave the company. Yves Guillemot He will himself take over the interim in terms of creative direction while we are promised a complete restructuring of human resources.

Inevitably, we are waiting for the situation to be discussed this evening at 9 p.m. at the start of the conference and we especially hope that, as promised, Ubisoft will indeed become a company that guarantees a healthy working environment for each of its employees. ) s.

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