Resignation after the Recorder investigation: Lazăr Neacşu, a person with close ties in the BOR leadership, leaves the General Council of the Capital and the PSD

“The PSD Bucharest organization and the PSD sector 4 organization announce that this morning Mr. Neacşu Lazăr submitted his resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the quality of PSD general councilor within the General Council of Bucharest Municipality”, informed the social democrats.

Vasile Neacşu was a member of the General Council of the Capital. The counselor resigned after appearing in a documentar Recorder on the construction and rehabilitation of churches with public money.

According to the journalists from Recorder, Lazăr Neacşu is in his second term as a member of CGMB, from PSD and, before politics, he had business in construction, he being indicated by journalists’ sources as an “agent of influence of the Church”, which pull strings to raise funds from local funds.

Neacşu tells Recorder how he got into politics:

“In 2016 I had nothing to do, and I asked the Great White:” Your Beatitude, I want to go to the General Counsel, to which party should I go? – «Go to PSD that the whole country will win». He advised me. And so it was, did PSD not win all over the country? Yes. Of course he’s a security guard. Of course he’s a security guard. It’s theirs, isn’t it? He is the most informed man, like the Pope “, says Neacsu in the Recorder recording. presented, at the end of eight months of documentation, “a secret network in which businessmen, politicians and prelates from the top of the Church work hand in hand in a mega-business: the construction and rehabilitation of churches with public money”.

“All this network operates with the blessing of the most powerful man in the Romanian Orthodox Church, whom his people call the Great White”, say the journalists, referring to the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Daniel.

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