Residents of Tangerang Residential ‘Showroom’ Parking 15 Cars in Front of Houses


A number of securities and Housing occupants Green Lake City, Cipondoh, Kota Tangerang, was involved in a quarrel because of its existence ‘showroom’ car in front of the house. Unmitigated, the resident with the initials TS (21) parked up to 15 cars around his house.

“I forgot the exact number of cars, there are about 10-15 cars,” said Kapolsek Cipondoh AKP Maualan Mukarom when contacted. detikcom, Saturday (17/10/2020).

What made the residents uncomfortable was that TS parked his car carelessly. Residents also feel disturbed by the number of cars parked up to the road in front of the carport.

“Parking carelessly, in front of the house, beside, on the road, so that residents feel restless,” he added.

After investigating, it seems that TS has indeed opened a ‘showroom’ in his house. He was buying and selling used cars in the house he rented.

Residents are restless, then report security. The security then came to reprimand him until there was a fight and ended up hitting TS.

In a viral video, a number of security forces are seen coming to the man’s house. From the video footage, a number of cars were parked in the garage to the front of the house.

A security appears to be talking to TS. However, TS responded with a high tone and yelled at security.

“Who said you’ve been scolded five times?” shouted the man suspected of being an occupant.

“Who would dare hit the cave?” he said again in a high tone which was greeted with shouts of ‘huuuu …!’.

Not long after, a number of security forces were seen swarming around him and getting involved in pushing. It was then that the TS reported the beating incident.

TS reported to the police about the beating. Currently the police are still investigating the incident on Wednesday (14/10) and examining a number of witnesses.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

(mei / isa)


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