Residents of Rusaki Mobil and Beating BNN Officers, Narcotics Fugitives who have been Arrested Successfully Blurred

A unit of Deli Serdang’s BNNK was overthrown and damaged by a number of mobs during a raid on a house in Rugemuk Village, Pantai Labu Sub-District, Deli Serdang, on Wednesday (5/8/2020) afternoon. A DPO who was previously arrested by Deli Serdang BNNK officers managed to escape. Likewise, Deli Serdang BNNK officers were also beaten and injured. (Source: Doc. Polresta Deli Serdang)

DELI SERDANG, KOMPAS TV – A number of residents in the village of Rugemuk, Labu Beach District, Deli Serdang on Wednesday (5/8/2020) afternoon damaged a car belonging to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Districts Deli Serdang.

In addition to damaging the four-wheeled vehicle, residents also beat officers BNN who is in charge of securing someone on the People’s Search List (DPO).

As a result of the attack by the residents, fugitive case drugs who had been caught had either escaped or escaped.

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Kasatreskrim Deli Serdang Police, Commissioner of Paradise, when confirmed on Thursday (6/8/2020) confirmed the existence of the incident.

He explained, the attack that resulted in DPO drug cases were blurred. It started when they conducted a raid in a house inhabited by a man who had been a fugitive.

At that time, BNN Deli Serdang District officials arrested the DPO. However, a number of residents who saw the arrest tried to obstruct and provoke other residents.

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