Residents of flats after the H-System question the price they have to pay for them. They want an 85 percent discount, they got 15 – ČT24 – Czech Television

On Thursday, the creditors’ committee of the bankrupt H-System decided the prices of the apartments it wanted to sell. Members of the Svatopluk cooperative, who in the past invested in the completion of unfinished flats, will pay 45 to 55 thousand crowns per square meter – for a 1 + kk apartment, ie about 1.2 million. It is less than the market price, but significantly more than Svatopluk wants.

“It is absolutely unacceptable. The awards do not take into account the evaluation we made in Horoměřice, “says the chairman of the team, Martin Junek. Bankruptcy trustee Josef Monsport, on the other hand, is convinced that “the resulting prices are very reasonable”.

For members of Svatopluk, however, a reasonable discount would not be fifteen, but 85 percent. The cooperative also argues that it is the owner of engineering networks. However, Monsport referred to an expert whose opinion is not recorded by Svatopluk. “He said about these materials that they have no effect on the value of the valued flats,” he pointed out.

The creditors’ committee warned that if the members of the cooperative did not use his offer to buy real estate, he would offer them at a market price to non-members of the cooperative. His resolution has yet to be approved by the court, but it will probably be the first applicants to buy Horomer apartments in November.


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