Residents of Breskens can go on holiday thanks to Johannes

The other female candidate answered a question the fastest and was allowed to choose: a prize from a golden suitcase or participation in the game show. She opted for the latter option whereby the suitcase and its contents went to Johannes.

In the suitcase was a midweek or weekend away and five hundred euros. Johannes not only received the prize, all participants from Breskens who took part in the game show last night, can go on holiday. In any case, Johannes was happy with the prize: “Nice, thank you!”

Only four residents from Breskens were present in the studio. This is due to corona measures taken by the television program. The other 45 candidates had to stay at home.

Postcode Lottery Million Hunt

One of the fifty participants of the Postcode Lottery present has a chance to leave the studio as a millionaire. In the final, the person takes place at the desk next to presenter Linda de Mol to play the ‘Golden Suitcase Game’ and can win a sum of money up to five million euros with this game.

A resident from Laren played the ‘Golden Suitcase Game’ at the desk in the final and won 333,000 euros.


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