Residents Expel Women Who Secretly Have 2 Husbands in Cianjur, Legal Husband: Now I’m Sincere A video showing a woman, a resident of Tanjungsari Village, Sukaluyu District, Kabupaten CianjurWest Java residents expelled, viral on social media.

Not only expelling, the residents also burned several pieces of the woman’s clothes.

Residents are upset because the woman has two husbands without the knowledge of her first husband.

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Secretly remarried

Launch West Java Tribune, based on the information of a community leader in Tanjungsari Village named Aep Ibing (60), the woman finally left the village on Friday (15/5/2022) after the eviction incident.

The woman is the legal wife of TS (49).

However, secretly it turned out that she married another man from Babakancaringin Village, Karangtengah Subdistrict in a serial manner.

The marriage with the second man with the initials UA (32) was carried out without the knowledge of his first husband, and took place about five months ago.

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TS’s family finally became suspicious and conducted a search.

Until they found out that the woman had married someone else, even though she had a legal husband.

TS then dropped three divorces and declared divorce.

The angry residents then kicked the woman out of Tanjungsari Village.

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