Residents close to despair – a house in the center of Riga for several days without hot water Without Taboo

The occupants of the multi-storey building in Riga, Lāčplēša Street 23, have been living without hot water for several days. The population is already overwhelmed with despair, because the responsible authorities and services are just clapping their hands and doing nothing.


angry about the problem

So September 30 – it was the day when there was an accident in the heating unit in the basement, as a result of which the pipe broke and there was a leak of hot water. The leak started in the first half of the day. And basically that hot water was turned off, moreover, with long peripetias only in the evening of the day.

Residents quickly notice that the accident site is located in the basement of the house. Hot water vapor takes over the whole staircase, but water cold can be heard behind the closed basement door.


angry about the problem

For five hours in the stairwell, in the basement, boiling, hot water flowed, which, of course, damaged all the walls. In addition, when the emergency service was called, the emergency service, they turn out, can not access the heating unit, because it is located in a privatized room and the owner is simply not reachable, callable.

Without access to the damaged pipe, the emergency team has to turn off the hot water completely for the whole house.


blame the house manager

The “Riga House Manager” is obliged to ensure that there is no such emergency situation so that it can be prevented quickly. We, as citizens, do not need to worry about getting to the basement by the heating unit or pipes. If they can’t do it, then who needs them and why do we pay the money.

“Without Taboo” it is not possible to call the owner of the basement. Meanwhile, residents blame the “Riga House Manager” for delaying in detecting the accident and preventing damage.

Krists L manifalns

Representative of “Riga House Manager”

In this case, in order to solve the problem, it was necessary to have access to the common home communications, which in this case are privately owned. And unfortunately, if we look at the period, access to communications to identify this problem at all was only provided on 6 October. And now we have already determined the amount of work that needs to be done, and all the work is already underway.

Vitolds Peipiņš, the head of the Latvian Association of Real Estate Managers, emphasizes that if there is one of the communication nodes in the basement, which is privately owned, then the law stipulates that the landlord must ensure free access to communications.

Vitolds Peipins

Head of the Latvian Association of Real Estate Managers

It was a national mistake to allow certain rooms in the basement to be privatized and handed over to private owners. At the moment, we are struggling with the consequences when communications go out of order and sometimes they are not inside.

We soon receive a message from the basement owner’s representative, who emphasizes that he has let the workers into the premises as quickly as he can. Along with the submissions, the representative points out that the entire hot water unit is in an emergency condition and needs to be replaced completely, not just the section of the ruptured pipe.

Krists L manifalns

Representative of “Riga House Manager”

The building is inspected every year, communications are inspected, and it is decided what work would be needed in the near future. If we are talking about changing these communications, yes, such a project was created. But unfortunately, this accident happened before the time when these communications here were changed. At present, it is planned to prevent the accident and, as far as possible, to change these stages so that it would be possible, if other emergency situations arise, so that access to these premises would not be necessary.

However, Arnis emphasizes that during Covid-19, residents were forced to heat water in boilers in order to be able to bathe afterwards.


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