Resident Evil. The creator of the series tells about the inspiration behind the series

The creator of the cult Resident Evil is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his professional career in the video game industry this year, so to celebrate this he decided to give an interesting interview in which he talks about the creation of his flagship series and the condition of virtual horror movies.

It is widely known that the Japanese create some of the best horror movies in the world – both in terms of the film industry and video games, the best proof of which is Shinji Mikami and his Resident Evil!

The Japanese developer is celebrating the 30th anniversary of working in our industry this year, during which he has created such outstanding productions as the above-mentioned horror movie and Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Vanquish, The Evil Within or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

The experienced gentleman decided to tell a bit about the backstage of his work, the inspiration behind the creation of Resident, his beginnings in Capcom and other very interesting issues that he has never spoken about in public. For fans of his work, it is a real treat to hear about how the master of horror films worked on his best works.

Also, if you are still waiting for more information about Resident Evil: Village, we have a handful of interesting details for you.


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