Resentment between Jeroom and Sven de Leijer in ‘The smartest person’

Jeroom did not like the fact that people laughed with Sven de Leijer’s silly jokes and not with his. He decided to kick it off. © Four

Former mole Alina Churikova made her appearance in The smartest person. The attentive viewer noted that they have some hints about the new season’s location The mole brought along. Unless it was taken up by the bickering between Jeroom and Sven de Leijer. After all, the former thought it was not okay to laugh with a silly joke from De Leijer, but not with his.

Desmytere Road

Tonight’s winner:

Bockie De Repper took his second victory.

The loser:

Alina Churikova leaves the game after one participation after an exciting final against Liesbeth Van Impe.

(Read more below the video)

Monday’s newcomer:

Patrick Lefevere, manager of Deceuninck – Quick-Step.

The best quotes:

Van Looy against Alina Churikova: “To be a mole you have to be really smart, I think. I couldn’t. ”

Jeroom: “Come on now, Erik, don’t you also screw up this program every day?”


Van Looy: “Alina, you study speech therapy. Can you correct me if I say something wrong? ”

Sven de Leijer: “Alina, please don’t. It’s curfew for everyone. ”


Van Looy: “Do you have friends named Danny?”

De Leijer: “Yes no, but two Dirks. ”

The Most Beautiful Moment:

Jeroom did not like the fact that De Leijer’s last joke was reacted so strongly. After all, he had just gotten a dead silence after a joke about Riadh Bahri. “He could also have been a keyword for isomo. Because Riadh … is gay. ” The cartoonist could not understand that the joke about the two Dirks was more popular. It did not get any better when De Leijer took it a step further. “And one of those two Dirken is omo.” So half the studio went down and Jeroom decided to kick it off. Fortunately, he returned quickly.

The intermediate score

1 Ella Leyers (18 episodes)

2 Conner Rousseau (7 episodes)

3 Delphine Lecompte (6 episodes)

4 Catherine Van Eylen (5 episodes)

5 Riadh Bahri (4 episodes)

The smartest person in the world, Monday to Thursday, at 9:35 PM, at FOUR

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