Researchers Get Closer to the Mystery of Black Holes, More Detailed Images – Although it took a long time to capture the first original image of a black hole or black hole, it only took a few years to continue the research. Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) researchers have published the most detailed images of black holes to date.

Reporting from The New York Times, a recent update to the galaxy hole Messier 87 reveals black holes behave strangely in polarized light for the first time.

This new visualization shows that this field is strong enough to hold magnetized gas in the event horizon, allowing some of the gas to escape the hole-crushing gravity.

“The gas has to cross the area to fall into the hole. In addition, the image shows that the gas vortex derives its strength from the rotational energy of the black hole, “said Jason Dexter of the University of Colorado.

In addition, the data allowed scientists to estimate that black holes are quite voracious eaters, consuming one-thousandth the mass of the Sun each year.

To be sure, these findings provide a window into the future. While the current global combination of EHT telescopes is limited, future versions should be able to produce a complete video of the black hole’s magnetic activity.

Scientists may be able to determine how magnetic fields extract energy from black holes and further uncover one of the universe’s extraterrestrial bodies as a result of their subsequent discoveries.

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