Researchers find new symptoms of Corona Virus infection

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Some of the symptoms commonly experienced by people with Covid-19 are fever, cough, fatigue, and decreased ability to smell. However, recent research shows that Corona Virus infection raises new symptoms.

Recent research from Northwestern Medicine shows, a symptom of a new Coronavirus infection is a problem in the nervous system. Quoting from BGR, these symptoms are common among the 509 Covid-19 patients involved in the study.

As many as 42% had problems in the nervous system during the infection and 63% had them after being hospitalized. Meanwhile, 82% of patients indicated that they had experienced nerve problems at some point during the illness.

Based on research reports, there are several symptoms of nervous system problems experienced by patients infected with the Corona Virus. Symptoms include muscle aches, headaches, encephalopathy (brain dysfunction), dizziness, deterioration of the sense of taste and the sense of smell.

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Of all the symptoms mentioned, encephalopathy is the most serious symptom. Symptoms of Corona Virus infection cause confusion, memory loss and personality changes.

Launching from BGR, patients with encephalopathy have a mortality rate of 21.7%. This figure was higher than that of patients without symptoms, namely 3.2%.

Although these results are the latest findings, a problematic nervous system is nothing new in research related to the Corona Virus. Previous research has shown that Covid-19 patients still experience symptoms even though they have been declared cured.

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Some of them experience memory loss and difficulty concentrating after weeks or months of recovering from Covid-19. Because the effects of Corona Virus infection are dangerous to health, it is important for the community to prevent transmission.

Try not to do activities outside the home that allow large crowds to gather. If forced to do activities with other people, always keep your distance and apply health protocols properly and with discipline.



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