Researchers Discover Radio Signal from Farthest Galaxy for the First Time

A team of researchers from McGill University and the Indian Institute of Science has discovered a radio signal from the farthest galaxy. That is 9 billion light years away for the first time.

Today (May 31), the Facebook page “NARIT, National Astronomical Research Institute” posted a message stating that A team of researchers from McGill University and the Indian Institute of Science has discovered a radio signal from the farthest galaxy. The study was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) in December 2022.

Radio astronomers Arnab Chakraborty of McGill University, Canada, and Nirupam Roy of the Indian Institute of Science, India. It used the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) installed in India. and can detect signals sent from galaxies While the universe is only 4.9 billion years old or 8.8 billion years ago. This is one of the radio signals from the galaxy. the farthest that has ever been discovered

But while many people, when they hear the word “Radio signals” will think of “aliens”, but in fact many other phenomena in nature. They are all emitting signals in the radio waves together. It is one of the most common radio signals in the universe. Is a signal with a wavelength of 21 centimeters, known as the “21 cm line”

This 21 cm line signal is a signal that is emitted. when electrons in hydrogen atoms A polarity shift occurs in the spindle. We call this a “spin flip” because hydrogen is the most common element in the solar system. We can therefore find the 21 cm line signal wherever there are hydrogen atoms. like in galaxy SDSSJ0826+5630 address in this observation

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Usually signals from distant galaxies like this The power is so weak that it cannot be distinguished from the background noise. The emitted signal is attracted by the gravitational pull of the galaxy cluster during its path. thus resulting in distortion like light being distorted by a magnifying glass in a phenomenon we call This is known as gravitational lensing, which in this case is equivalent to making the signal magnified up to 30 times, so that it can be detected by radio telescopes.

Although this radio signal was not sent from an alien being, from a galaxy far, far away But it also suggests that we can apply physics principles. and the laws of gravity in nature to explain phenomena such as gravitational lensing applied to allow us to study distant places and looking back on the past to understand the universe in which we live

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