Research reveals the characteristics of a person rich or poor from facial expressions, where is the difference?


Not only from the style of dress and the gadgets used, but also the facial expression that seems to be able to show the quality of a person’s self.

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that it’s possible to tell if someone else is rich or poor by looking at their faces. In the study, researchers chose a black and white photo subject consisting of 80 photos of men and women, without the use of tattoos or piercings.

Half of the photos are people who earn more than 150,000 dollars per year or upper class. The other half are people earning under $35,000 or working class.

“The relationship between well-being and social class has been demonstrated by previous research,” R Thora Bjornsdottir, a graduate student at the University of Toronto and co-author of the study, told CNBC Make It.

The photos are then shown to the research subjects. They were asked to guess the social class of each person. As a result, as many as 68 percent answered correctly.

“When asked why, they don’t know. They don’t realize how they did this.” he continued.

The researchers finally carried out further studies by enlarging facial features. They found that the subjects could still guess correctly when looking at the eyes and mouth.

This is likely due to the pattern of emotions that can be seen on a person’s face from time to time. Chronic contraction of certain muscles can actually cause changes in facial structure that other people can see, even if they don’t notice it.

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“Probably because the patterns of emotion etched on their faces over time,” Bjornsdottir said.

“Over time, your face permanently reflects and expresses your experiences. Even when we think we’re not expressing something, the emotional legacy is still there,” another researcher, Nicholas O Rule, said.

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