Research Results: 1 in 3 Survivors of COVID-19 Have Mental and Nervous Disorders

Vaccination against COVID-19. Photo illustration: Ricardo /, LONDON – The research results show, one in three survivors of COVID-19 diagnosed with a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months.

The research involved more than 230,000 survivors of COVID-19, the majority of patients in the United States.

The results of this research show that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing waves of mental and nervous disorders, scientists said, Tuesday (6/4).

Researchers who conducted the analysis said it was unclear how the virus was linked to psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression.

However, it was the most common diagnosis among the 14 disorders they identified.

Stroke, dementia and other neurological disorders are rare, researchers said, but are still significant, especially for those with severe COVID-19.

“Our results indicate that brain disease and psychiatric disorders are more common after COVID-19 than after flu or other respiratory infections,” said Max Taquet, a psychiatrist at the University of Oxford UK, who also led the research.

The research was unable to determine the biological or psychological mechanisms involved, he said.


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