Research: PlayStation 5 beats Xbox Series X pre-orders

Based on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders, Sony‘s console is doing more than twice as well!

An investigation by VGM on behalf of points out that the PlayStation 5 beats the Xbox Series X. Not super surprising in itself, right? Well, it does when you consider that the research was conducted in the United States, or the homeland of the Xbox Series X! Based on pre-orders, the PlayStation 5 sold more than twice as much as the Xbox Series X.

PlayStation 5 beats Xbox Series X pre-orders

VGM investigated the pre-orders that American gamers placed for both next-gen consoles. Of those who managed to order a next-gen console, no less than 82% bought a PlayStation 5 (or Digital Edition) and 38% an Xbox Series X (or S). No, those percentages do not match.

The research method therefore leaves something to be desired; only 511 people were asked and of those more than 500 respondents, only 15% managed to get a next-gen console. This is because of the pre-orders for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 flew out at lightning speed. Regardless, the group of respondents is very small and the percentages suggest that some may have purchased both consoles.

Homeland is a battlefield

Nevertheless, we can draw a preliminary conclusion based on the somewhat strange percentages. If the group of respondents was a good reflection of the proportions of American gamers, the PlayStation 5 trumps the Xbox Series X. And the United States is of course the home of Microsoft’s console.

Historically, PlayStation has often fared a lot better internationally than Xbox. But the United States is always an exception; there plays with mainly on Xbox. If the numbers are a realistic reflection, then Microsoft is in a bit of trouble!

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